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I worry about George North, I think we need to be much more careful with players." The report states that, although North, 24, appeared to lie motionless after the incident against Leicester Tigers on 3 December, he told medics he had stayed still because he was "concerned about his neck". North also "continued to deny any loss of consciousness with immediate recall of events", with the "only symptom recorded being neck pain". But Beattie said that "the last person you should listen to is the player" as they are "trapped in a money-earning spiral". North's concussion history The Northampton back suffered four head blows in five months between November 2014 and March 2015, leading to a spell on the sidelines that lasted from 27 March until 29 August. 22 November 2014: North suffers first concussion in Wales' 34-16 defeat by New Zealand 6 February 2015: Suffers accidental kick to the head during first half of 21-16 loss to England, but after assessment returns to the field 6 February 2015: Receives second blow to the head in second half of same game, appears to have been knocked out but finishes match 27 March 2015: North is knocked unconscious scoring a try in Northampton's 52-30 win over Wasps Media playback is not supported on this device Concussion: How Premiership is tackling concussion What are the rules? With suspected concussion, club doctors have 13 minutes to decide if a player can return to the field. All Premiership grounds and Twickenham have medical teams with access to replays to help that decision. Any player with confirmed or suspected concussion will be permanently removed. Protocols 'not fit for purpose' Despite describing video technology in concussion assessments as "a great idea", O'Driscoll said the current protocols are "not fit for purpose". "These protocols are terribly poor, they're dangerous - they're putting brain-damaged players back on the field time and time again," he said.